Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance: More Than Just Changing a Battery

A commercial or residential fire alarm is a valuable lifesaver that detects and identifies fires in the earliest possible stages so that occupants of the building have adequate time to evacuate and stop the fire before it rages out of control. Even the most high-tech fire alarm system is subject to faults. Without regular fire alarm testing and maintenance conducted, some issues may never be discovered until too late. The result will be a series of annoying false fire alarms triggered – or a serious risk to life by them not sounding at all.

AMS Solutions conducts fire alarm testing and maintenance with commercial and construction businesses and domestic and residential properties to provide comprehensive security and protection.

Why It is Important?

Ensuring your alarms are fully functional to their highest standard safeguards your company or property against fires and provides an early warning sign to employees or residents on the premises.

An effective fire alarm system is the main factor in timely evacuation, fewer injuries and no fatalities in an emergency. It also makes it likely that the fire is under control before any irreversible damage to the property. Sometimes, a test or service will not confirm functionality, but will alert you to a crucial fault or problem within the devices. That allows you to take action to get it back in working order before it becomes a problem.

Effective servicing will establish any weaknesses in your fire safety due to outdated technology, giving time to upgrade your system before any costly and dangerous faults, flaws or breakages occur. False alarms triggered by a faulty system can also be disruptive and costly, resulting in employees not acting promptly in a real emergency. Fire system maintenance minimises the frequency of annoying false alarms.


As per UK regulations, anyone owning, running or overseeing a commercial or residential property must provide adequate building fire safety. Regular testing and maintenance of fire alarms ensure that the premises meet this legal requirement.

Poor management of a fire alarm system and improper commercial fire alarm maintenance could mean that in the event of a fire, your insurance is not completely valid. Keeping on top of your fire alarm testing and servicing ensures that you remain adequately covered if the worst-case scenario occurs.

AMS Solutions provides comprehensive fire safety solutions to deliver the highest possible standard of safety and compliance. To safeguard the longevity of your fire alarm system and the safety of your business premises, contact our friendly team today to book your next test.

fire alarm testing and maintenance

Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance: More Than Just Changing a Battery


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