How Often Should I Have Fire Risk Assessments?

Smoke and fire are a deadly combination for your business. To prevent serious risk, it is crucial to prepare in the event of them happening. No one wants to think about the worst-case scenario happening, but failing to be prepared is a much worse reality. The best way to reduce hazards and ensure your building and workforce are safe is to schedule regular fire safety assessments. These should not be optional – they are a necessity.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

Fire risk assessments are a practice that significantly reduces the likelihood of fires occurring in your building, ensuring that all adequate warning systems and escape routes are securely in place and followed.

Fire risk assessments are suitable for all settings, from commercial buildings and factories to residential buildings and schools. Completed checks can identify potential hazards, vulnerabilities and areas that require immediate improvement. Regular fire system maintenance allows you to take action and ensure that your building has robust fire safety measures to prevent the worst-case scenario.

Where Do Fire Risk Surveys Look Into?

Fire safety assessments cover a wide range of subjects. They focus on escape routes, building layouts, adequate signage, emergency lighting setups and smoke detection devices.

A professional in fire safety solutions will check on the occupancy levels of the building and any documented history of fire at the premises. The assessment’s goal is to identify and evaluate fire hazards, recommend control measures to keep risks low, and embed all safety procedures for the building.

To achieve that, a detailed, written record of all findings and proof of action taken is provided to you to store in a safe place.

Who is Responsible?

The named ‘Responsible Person’ for shared and common areas has to ensure fire safety checks are carried out, especially by professionals on the premises. It can be the employer or managing agent of the property, but the responsibility falls onto them to ensure these checks are conducted.

A lack of time, skills and resources can sometimes prohibit how the Responsible Person feels about carrying out adequate fire safety assessments. That is where appointing professional fire risk assessors Manchester is beneficial in conducting your surveys. You need to know that the assessor is fully-qualified with experience in this type of survey.

Do you require an up-to-date fire safety risk assessment or fire system maintenance for your building? Contact the team at AMS Solutions for a professional fire safety services Manchester that ensures your building complies with all safety regulations, as well as facilities management and power solutions Manchester for your business.

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How Often Should I Have Fire Risk Assessments?


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