PAT Testing

How long does PAT testing take? PAT testing may sound like an exhaustive procedure to examine your electrical appliances to ensure they are safe, but most PAT testing services conduct up to 30 tests in just one hour.

The process includes plugging the appliance into the PAT tester, receiving a pass or fail and placing a red fail or green pass sticker on the appliance. It reads simple, but several factors can influence a PAT test can take. You need to factor in the ease of access and whether or not that appliance can be unplugged and in use.

Why is PAT Testing Required?

Electrical equipment testing is crucial in the UK due to the number of low-cost appliances imported throughout the world and purchased by UK companies. Most of these cheaper options are of typically poor quality and have limited lifespan before they start to fault.

That requires these items to be thoroughly checked by PAT testing Manchester experts regularly. There have been many fires and electric shock instances in the past due to poorly constructed equipment that does not meet the required safety regulations. Not only is PAT testing required for new appliances, but also for existing appliances to ensure they meet the minimum health and safety standards. AMS Solutions offer health and safety services Manchester to ensure these standards are met.

In most cases, qualified PAT testers and electricians inspect with calibrated tools. When objects pass the test, a green label will be applied.

How Long Will a PAT Certificate Last?

A PAT test certificate is valid until the appliance is no longer safe for use, or until the risk assessment period has expired.

The assurance that your appliance is safe is valid for as long as it takes to apply the label, plugin and wait for it to be damaged. The PAT testing certificate’s validity is largely contingent on this. Some may argue that the certificate is valid only until the test is completed – which we admit sounds rather pointless.

The level of precaution taken needs to be reasonable to the risk. PAT testing in Manchester is determined by several factors – the risk level to the working environment, the electrical class and the working class of the appliance. For health and safety reasons, you should also consider the manufacturer’s recommendations, the frequent use, age and history of the item, any effects or repairs and whatever misuse of the equipment is in effect.

Where To Go for PAT Testing?

Electrical safety is not something that can be neglected. Regular and thorough inspections are critical and have to be conducted by professionals.

At AMS Solutions, our professional and certified team conduct continuity tests, polarity tests and isolation tests to ensure that your property is safe and sound from electrical appliances both new and old.

Contact our friendly team today to understand more about PAT testing and power services.

How long does PAT testing take?

PAT Testing


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