What is EICR Testing?

Previously known as fixed wire testing Manchester, an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is the name for an in-depth assessment of your home or commercial property’s entire electrical system. Much like your car needs an MOT, your electrics needs EICR testing.

To conduct an EICR test, certified electrical contractors visit your property and conduct testing on every fixed component within your electrical system – such as sockets, switches, wiring, fuse boards and consumer units. To perform this test usually requires all power to be switched off intermittently for safety measures. Luckily, here at AMS we offer power services and are on hand for all your power needs.

At the end of the test, you receive a report which sets out the condition of your property’s electrics. There are three different categories: C1 indicates a substantial amount of danger and requires immediate action, C2 indicates potential dangers that require urgent attention, and C3 indicates no immediate danger but would require some improvements for compliance.

At What Point Would You Need an EICR?

As with everything, electrical systems and appliances will deteriorate naturally over decades. If you experience burnt-out lightbulbs, tripping switches and blown fuses, it could be a sign that your system is no longer sustaining your lifestyle – and that calls for EICR testing in Manchester.

Landlords and business owners are legally-obliged to have an EICR test every five years. Homeowners will discover that they also have recommendations under the IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671 – the standard for electrical installations in the UK.

Whilst business owners and landlords have an EICR conducted every five years (or whenever a new tenancy is due for landlords), private homeowners should have one undertaken every ten years. If your home has a swimming pool, its electricity is required to test each year.

Are There Ramifications for Not Having an EICR Test?

If you are legally obliged to have EICR testing done, you will face fines from a local authority of up to £30,000 if you ignore the requirement. Not only that – you put your employees, tenants and visitors at considerable risk when your system is not up to standard.

Whilst you may dismiss EICR testing as a cost-cutting measure, remember that faulty electrics cause countless injuries and fatalities every year throughout the UK alone. EICR testing in Manchester is a small price to pay for safety and legal obligations.

At AMS Solutions, our credited and expert team are on hand to conduct thorough Electrical Installation Condition Report testing on residential and commercial properties in the Manchester area. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about facilities management, power solutions Manchester, and electrical breakdown services for your property.

EICR testing

What is EICR Testing?


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